Hello there, readers! This is the second article from ‘Tips to help your children return
to school smoothly’series. In this series, we provide you with tips and tricks to prepare your
children for the beginning of the new semester. Here is the continuation from last time!

Prepare your children for earlier and healthier mealtime

As with sleep, meal and diet schedules are fundamental aspects when children get
used to the school routine again. In a few days before the start of classes, try to establish a
rhythm and schedules of fixed meals, as well as a healthy diet, varied and balanced. And
leave those junk food for a special occasion those whims that have delighted the little ones
during all the holidays.

Preparing the backpack

There is nothing that makes a child more excited than preparing their school supplies
for the new course. Get involved in this process and help your children buy the books, line
them with their favorite paper, arrange the uniform, choose suitable backpacks (which of
course is a fundamental element and has to be the coolest, as it will accompany your children
in all the experiences of this new and exciting year).

Highlight everything positive thing about the new course

The ideal way to encourage your child’s desire, and even curiosity, to face a new
course is to talk to him and highlight all the positive things involved at the beginning of a
new year. Because maybe he still hasn’t realized about all the good things that come back to
school: meeting his friends, meeting new children, learning new things, excursions,
extracurricular activities, signing up for some sport and join a team.

Give 100% your support

Although we would strictly follow the advice of the best specialists in the world to
help our children in this process, it is normal that during the first days or weeks many
children may experience stress, fatigue, apathy, sadness, anxiety, irritability or lack of
attention. Do not worry, it is something transitory, and each person needs an adaptation time.
All you have to do is listen, answer your questions, help with your concerns and fears, in
short, accompany your children in everything they need, and give you all your trust and

And why not return to school with style

Together with the school material, the smallest of the house need a closet adapted to
the endless activities of the new course. Functional clothing, off-road shoes, sneakers for
extracurricular activities, and cool accessories like silver bracelets that combine style with

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through their clothes and original accessories. It is also a great idea to buy many different
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