925 silver stamp
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History Of 925 Silver Stamps

925 silver stamp element

925 silver stamp

Many countries indicate the time of manufacturing, details of the manufacturer, and additional information about the silver object through the stamped Hallmark. Wholesale ring   The number of hallmarks can vary on multiple server objects indicating the identity of Silver. These hallmarks are considered essential when Silver is sold commercially in the market, so silversmith makes sure to mark it appropriately with it’s licensed stamp. 

Many people mistakenly think that 925 Silver Stamp is a Hallmark, while 925 silver stamps can easily be bought by any dealer or person selling silver products. Silver stamps are essential to determine the percentage of silver present in the object. It is even more essential while determining the price of the jewelry you want to purchase.

In most of the countries, to make sure the stamps are true and authentic, the testing of all the sterling silver objects and their marking of purity percentage is regulated and controlled by a national assayer’s office.

925 silver stamp

The process of putting a Hallmark or a stamp includes a hammer and a push, which leaves a strong mark, sharp edges, and impetuses of metal. This is a very tough process that is why it is usually done before the piece or object is completed or is finally polished to it’s furnished form. 

The most often used silver objects with the percentage of 92.5% by mass pure Silver and 7.5% by mass copper is known as Sterling Silver, which makes it an alloy with a mixture of copper metal.  

This precisely means that the objects we use with 925 silver stamp marks have 92.5% of pure Silver in it. More elaborated, it means that there are 925 parts per thousand pure Silver. There are also other types of metal with different percentages of purity, not known as sterling Silver. 

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Some of the jewelry is described as silver-plated, which means they have a silver layer applied to the base metal. There is another name that coins silver, which is used for the Silver, which is only 90% pure silver. To make sure that silver object is quality-marked Silver, it must have a US registered trade trademark or Company that is responsible for the mark 

We have found a massive amount of silver jewelry with a 925 silver stamp over the last few years, which is not 925 silver stamp worthy, but only is Silver plated. But this is not true for all cases as there are a lot of real 925 silver-stamp worthy jewelry and items still available in the market. We have noticed a massive influx of “925 stamped” silver jewelry, which is Silver plated. 

Still, you have to be very cautious while buying expensive sterling silver jewelry. wholesale jewelry  There are numerous uninformed importers of jewelry who more often purchase Silver, believing it to be sterling silver while it is only plated. 

Silver is not an inexpensive metal anymore, but it has its prices even doubled again and again over the past few years, making it one of the expensive metals for jewelry. Its durability and beauty make it worth every penny. 

925 silver stamp

Why is there a 925 silver stamp?

925 silver stamp.

Almost all the Metals used for jewelry, including Gold, Silver, platinum, and palladium are used in an alloy form to make them last longer and sustain the shape they are molded into. It is unreal to believe that you can detect the purity of the metal, for example, gold-silver Platinum or Palladium in your jewelry by sight or touch. 

This is the reason that the government has made it a requirement or a legal restriction for all the silversmith and Goldsmith to make the purity or Hallmark on the precious metals jewelry, which certainly makes it easier for ordinary purchasers. That is the reason there is a 925 silver stamp on sterling silver jewelry. 

925 silver stamp

The UK is one of the countries that are very strict about Hallmark and has made a few rules while dealing with it. It is an offense under the UK hallmarking act 1973 to do such acts as. It is entirely illegal to call an un-hallmarked article as completely pure or wholly made of gold, silver Platinum, or Palladium. 

You are not allowed to supply or offer someone to supply any un-hallmark article.

In the earlier United States, no national assay system acquired, although Baltimore’s city was able to conserve its own assay office between 1814 and 1830. Formerly to the universal adoption of sterling silver as the criterion of purity in 1868, Silver commonly acquired from the melting of coins. While these did vary considerably in purity, from around .750 millesimal exquisiteness to about .900, silver is known as “coin silver” varies widely in purity. 

925 silver stamp

At that time, Silver sometimes marked “COIN” or “PURE COIN”, but it was also accepted without Mark or stamp. Later, when it was universally adopted to make sterling silver jewelry commonly, all of those were marked with either STERLING or the number 925.

While many American manufacturers did not assign assay marks, city marks, or date marks, they achieved to put a maker’s mark. This practice is generally not common today. In the old days, hallmarks considered to be as unique as today’s logos; it caused disputes to arise often when any company copied another’s stamp.

925 silver stamp

925 Silver stamp authenticity Testing

Aforementioned that if there is no 925 silver Stamp on the jewelry, it is considered that this jewelry might not be the pure one or is only plated with 925 sterling silver. Eliminate these suspicions coming to your mind; you must get your jewelry for sterling silver pieces tested. 

Jewelers usually perform these tests. These Jewellers complete this test by applying acid to a small portion of the jewelry so that it doesn’t distort entirely and determine the result with the help of that small portion. The acid used in this procedure is nitric acid, and the determination point is if the area exposed to the acid turns creamy white, the Silver is pure or Sterling. 


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