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Is silver bangle better than gold?


Silver and gold are some of the most versatile colors in the whole color scheme. They go with nearly every color base you wear over your outfits. Both are beautiful in their way with an aesthetic design. They have a unique tint that comes in many shades. The metals that are formed through bracelets come in many forms. They go perfectly with any jewelry that is formed by it. The metals are often combined with different glamorous gemstones. These not only enhance the whole look of the jewelry but provide a more defined appearance to it.

This is where bangles come in. We are often confused by all the options present for bangles at stores. We get confused and overwhelmed by all the options presented to us. Most of the bangles are in gold or silver with gemstone detailing. While searching for the right one, you have to keep your purpose in mind. For what reason do you want to purchase bangles?

Is it for a dress, if it is then what color is it? That way you’ll find a lead and follow it to search for the perfect bangles. It also depends on your preference; most individuals like wearing silver bangles while others are gold. It’s all part of the shopping process

Is silver bangle better than gold?


Benefits of silver bangles

When comparing gold with silver, we won’t lie that silver does come with many advantages. Some of them you surely wouldn’t even be expecting. Health benefits Silver bangles are known to be highly beneficial for women. They claim to improve the health of women by fighting against infections.

They ease your mind and distance you from any flu and bacteria that you might come across. It is said that silver enhances the elasticity of your blood vessels. This way your bone structure will increase and quickly heal any kind of injuries you might have.

-Detection of toxins

Since silver can detect toxins in food, it’ll be quite easy for you to see which food contains toxins. The biggest sign is your jewelry getting black while it’s in the presence of any kind of toxins. That way you’ll know which food contains toxins or not.

-Protection against evil

If you believe in superstitions, then you might be familiar with the spiritual benefits of silver. It is said to shield you against the evil eye or toxins in our world. Due to this, children are advised to wear silver jewelry which is commonly bangles to protect themselves.


-Disinfectant and preserver

Silver is considered to be the best disinfectant due to its ability to clear out bacteria from your body. You can preserve anything in silver and will keep your water fresh for hours. This will be only when the water is in a silver bowl for hours. Factors determining whether silver is better than gold certain factors govern your perspective about silver being better than gold.

It’s how you manage to form an opinion about certain jewelry pieces and the metals they’re manufactured with. These factors help you understand whether silver bangle is greater than gold. It depends on a lot of things as we’ve already mentioned some of them include:

-Skin tone

Skin tone is basically how you choose and wear jewelry. If you’re not familiar with the method then you just need to understand what your skin tone is. It’s THAT easy, you just have to see whether your skin tone is warm or cool. With warm skin tones, you have to wear gold bangles on your hands. They will bring out the warm and smooth tone of your hands, making them look prettier. For cool tones, you are advised to wear silver bangles.

-Make-up matching

If you feel like wearing gold bangles and jewelry with a cool skin tone then you should do something else. Match it with your makeup to enhance the whole look of your appearance. To successfully match it with your skin tone, be sure to go for a more dramatic look. This means adding on a darker shade of lipstick like red or pink to make it go with your appearance. If you’ve decided to wear silver bangles on a warmer skin tone then just wear a lighter shade of lipstick like nude or lavender.


-Outfit check

Jewelry and outfit usually go hand in hand. But since we’ve added the science of skin tone into the mix we’ll have to be careful about selecting jewelry. If you’re not following the skin tone rules for gold and silver, you’ll just have to change up your outfit. Match your outfit according to the color of your bangles or choose colors that contrast with it. That way you’ll know how to work around it.
Delicate silver bangles

Silver bangles are usually considered sophisticated jewelry pieces that are appropriate for wearing at traditional events. They are made with pretty classic designs and styles that suit you in every way possible. You can wear it at weddings or birthdays. The jewelry is always quite great.


Striking gold bracelets

Gold bangles mostly have a statement with designs that lean more towards a premium and luxurious look. Every day major jewelry brands launch newly designed golden bangles that go for a more modern style than a traditional one.


Be it silver or gold, there’s something exquisitely pleasing about both colors. The way they work in harmony with every other gemstone color to create an aesthetic jewelry piece is highly fascinating. Both colors work perfectly in sync with others to provide an overall magnificent picture for you.

We think everyone should have both colors in stock for bangles. You never know which might suit your dress and at what time. This is exactly how you figure out which one would look great on you. Both shades are great in their way and provide you with amazing quality designs for bangles. You just have to keep in mind which one you want.

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Is silver bangle better than gold? Learn all the ways silver exceeds in grace and usefulness from gold. From the benefits to the factors determining their worth, everything is here.

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