Owing a piece of oxidized silver jewelry is a great, but keeping it shinning and taking care of
it is another topic. You will have to put some efforts to keep such amazing pieces of jewelry
clean and sparkling. There are various care techniques that you should use to keep the
Thailand silver wholesale jewelry safe, dry, clean, and sparking.

But if you want to keep the oxidized and Thailand jewelry wholesale, protected and clean,
you need to know how to keep the jewelry as new as you first bought. Try not to anything
with having the proper knowledge about it. Search for the cleaning tips. And to help you
out, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to clean your jewelry. Also, if you are
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Here is how you will clean the oxidized silver jewelry.

Wear the oxidized silver jewelry

The best way to keep the oxidized jewelry in the original form and condition is to wear it.
The oxidized jewelry is a kind of jewelry that is let out for exposure on purpose. If you keep
it packed, it will lose its shine. The best way to keep the oxidized jewelry maintained it to

wear it. Also, the oils on your skin will help the jewelry to shine again. This the most basic
way of keeping the oxidized jewelry clean and shinning.


Polishing is one other way to keep the oxidized jewelry sparling. If you do not want to get
the oxidized jewelry polished professionally, all you need is to get the jewelry polish. You
can polish the jewelry yourself. This way, your oxidized silver jewelry piece will look as if you
both of them now.
Also, you will not have to get it done professionally, you can easily do it at home with the
required jewelry polish.


The silver jewelry is delicate and exquisite. Also, it needs special care when you are storing
it. When you are storing the silver jewelry, all you need to do it to make sure the storage
place is not damp and moist. You also need to make sure that the jewelry does not come in
contact with any of the chemicals. Even if the jewelry is oxidized, you will still require it to
be stored with care. Otherwise, your jewelry with loose the shine and the glow.
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