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What types of silver ring options are available for a regal engagement ring

Silver rings

for engagement are the most underrated pieces in the fashion market. They are not appreciated enough for their effortless beauty and gorgeous designs. None of them make it to the list of best engagement rings of the year. It might be because silver is a metal that gets dulled down or discolored easily. It’s a jewelry piece that you can wear anywhere you want without coming up with a reason not to. You just have to take care of the ring and wear it with care so it lasts you a long time.

Aside from that, all the silver engagement rings deserve every bit of recognition that gold and platinum rings do. That’s just the way things go. When somebody says silver ring, what they mean is sterling silver as it is the finest form of silver. The stunning glare that erupts from the ring is unbelievable and is usually the best in the market. If you’re looking for a silver ring we suggest you find one that is the perfect balance of beauty and class. Add in the flash or any other property you want but don’t overdo it. That’s why we’ve got the top best engagement rings for you to choose from.

Best regal engagement rings

It’s not easy to find affordable engagement rings as the market is full of gold rings that cost a fortune. One thing that is clear to us about it is that you don’t have to spend so much money on a ring. Be it a ring that you have to spend the rest of your life wearing? The best metal choice for you is sterling silver. It has a unique color that leaves you in a trance. It comes in many different designs that you can look up and choose what you like. You just have to make sure that you take care of them.

Sterling silver ring is prone to discoloration if they’re exposed to certain things. Since you have to wear it all the time you should take it off while showering or doing daily chores. Don’t let it be exposed to chemicals because they can truly lead to dulling down of your ring. As long as you follow these rules, your ring will truly last a long time. Some of the best regal engagement rings are mentioned below:

What types of silver ring options are available for a regal engagement ringengagement ring

– JTV Strontium Titanate Rhodium Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

If you want to go for a center stone engrained with jewels, you’ll have to choose this amazing zircon studded ring. It has a center stone which exclusively lab-made of strontium Titanate rhodium with a halo of zircons. The intricately designed stone takes up all the space with a simple band of a sterling silver ring. The stamp gives way to its authenticity. Its shine and sparkle are completely out of this world and are majorly known for their glimmer. You get all the things you can get from a thousand-dollar ring at a much more reasonable price. So don’t wait long and snatch this beauty up.

– Cushion-Cut Halo Engagement Ring

With Princess Diana’s engagement-inspired design, this is one of the best silver engagement rings ever. It is a cushion-cut design with a center stone sapphire that looks amazing. The ring has a great shine and sparkle that everyone just loves. It’s a timeless design that would always be in trend for a very long time. The stone is surrounded all around by round-shaped simulated diamonds. These diamonds twinkle in good lighting making them more irresistible. The band is made up of a sterling silver ring and is joined and bonded with the help of platinum.engagement ring

– Miadora Sterling Silver Morganite and TDW Black and White Diamond Engagement Ring

A single glance at these engagement rings and you’ll be drooling over all the colors that bring out this beauty. The pink, black and white colors have a gorgeous competition with each other that includes looking your ultimate best. The design is top-notch with the morganite stone being in the center. It then splits into spanks with black and white diamonds lining the two sides. It makes the jewelry unique and memorable to look at. Since it isn’t designed like a traditional engagement silver ring, the design would always be remembered by everyone.

– Zales Three-Stone Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

If you want to convey a message of commitment and love to your partner do it by symbolizing the ring. This is what this silver ring is made for. The three-stone sterling silver engagement ring gives out a message of fidelity, love, and friendship. That is the greatest thing you can tell your partner, erasing any doubts they might have about your relationship. The white sapphire has a princess cut and is the centerpiece of the jewelry. It is truly amazing to look at and would be a wonderful choice for you.

engagement ring

– JCPenney Sterling Silver Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you believe your partner would love the elegance that oozes from this very silver ring, you should get it. You won’t find a more minimalistic ring. It has a solitaire white diamond in a round cut placed in the center. The stone is fabulous to look at and has a sterling silver band that compliments the whiteness of the diamond. Designs like these are overlooked quite often but many do prefer them over all the dazzling jewel-packed rings. Therefore you need to make sure you see all the designs in the store before you make any kind of decision.


Sterling silver rings are not easy to handle. We agree with the fact that they come with a lot of baggage. But it’s all worth it when the ring looks as stunning as all the ones present on the list. Moreover, you won’t find a ring this beautiful at such an affordable price.

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