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How to Choose the best marcasite necklace for any occasion?

If you are looking out for an exceptional piece of jewelry, then the Marcasite necklace is what you should be searching for. There are many advantages of wearing a Marcasite necklace for an occasion, with or without a pendant. If you want to know more about the same, then keep reading this article. These days, there is a wide range of Marcasite necklaces available on the market. Choosing the best one isn’t really an easy task, especially if it’s your very first time picking this kind of jewelry for yourself or someone else.

How to Choose the best marcasite necklace for any occasion?

Marcasite necklace

Where did Marcasite Necklace originate?

Marcasite is one kind of sulfide mineral that also consists of iron as well as sulfur. It was discovered in France in the year 1801, and it has been used all over the world as both ornamental stones and for industrial applications. The name originated from two words, ‘marque,’ which means mark, and ‘sister,’ which means to stop, so marcasite was named as such owing to the fact that it could stop iron from rusting by oxidizing.

Marcasite Necklace: What are they made of?

As mentioned above, Marcasite jewelry pieces have always been associated with high-end jewelry and are available in a number of styles and designs. If you have an eye for fashion, you must be aware that there are several types of necklaces made up of Marcasite stones, including beaded earrings, dangle earrings, pendants & rings, etc. These necklaces are handcrafted with the utmost care by experienced artisans, making them an ideal choice for gifting purposes and personal use. We are now going to discuss here some important

factors that can help you choose the right necklace for any occasion are here below:

Know what purpose is intended when buying a marcasite necklace: The truth is that there are now many women who consider buying marcasite jewelry because they find it super attractive and fashionable. If you belong to this group of fashion-conscious women, then make sure that you know how to wear different types of marcasite necklaces in order to look more charming and gorgeous.

Marcasite necklace

Know the different types of marcasite necklaces: Just like any other jewelry, you have to know how to wear each type of Marcasite necklace in order to look more fashionable. To give you some examples, I can tell you that there are long and short neckpieces available on the market. Some may come with pendants or without pendants at all. If you really want to buy a marcasite necklace for yourself or another person, then make sure that it comes with an adjustable chain so that you will be able to customize it according to your preferences and style.

Understand why they say “bigger is better”: Basically, if we talk about fashion, bigger pieces of jewelry tend to become more popular than smaller ones. Well, it’s actually true because many women would prefer wearing chunky jewelry pieces because they think that these will draw more attention to their physical appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fashion diva or not. Just make sure that your purchased necklace is big enough to suit the overall look of your outfits.

Know why marcasite is called a diamond substitute: If you have already read several jewelry guides out there, then we are pretty sure that you already know about this fact – marcasite has been considered one of the best alternatives for diamonds since its beautiful design, and amazing sparkle can easily win any woman’s heart. In addition to that, almost all types of jewels made from this material can fit any woman’s budget.

Other Tips to note:

When you are choosing Marcasite jewelry for yourself, there are other certain factors that must be kept in mind. These will help you to choose the best necklace according to your individual style and taste. Being a younger generation, it is obvious that both kids, as well as adults, can wear these necklaces. Therefore, irrespective of age, these necklaces have gained immense popularity over the years owing to their timeless appeal, which makes them an ideal choice for gifting purposes too! marcasite necklace

Marcasite necklace

Check out for any signs of fading or discoloration. This can be done by carefully checking the back and front of the pendant and the settings. It is also advisable to check if any other kind of stone or metal has been used on them along with the main metal mainly used in this type of jewelry making, i.e., silver, gold, etc. Make sure that whatever you choose has got a high-quality finish without any flaws or scratches. marcasite necklace
Consider your choice from an aesthetic point of view like color combination, size, shape, etc.!

These things make a huge difference when it to comes to choosing a Marcasite jewelry piece of your choice. marcasite necklace Always consider the weight ratio as well as the overall look & feel while choosing necklaces for yourself, or is it going to be gifted? Again, you must also try and understand if the necklace can match up with your outfit, which will make sure that you get maximum mileage out of this purchase, or else it would just turn out to be another accessory that you have lying in some corner of your drawer!

It is also necessary to know if they have got any certifications from some recognized body like ECOCERT, which would ensure that the stones used in these necklaces are natural, i.e., they are not treated in any way or added to any kind of chemicals!

So what are you waiting for?

If you know someone who has a special place in your life, then make sure that you purchase the best Marcasite necklace according to their taste & style, and if it is meant to be an accessory for yourself, then again, there is no need for second thoughts as this will surely complete your overall look without burning a hole in your pocket!

In other words, In case you are looking out for a gift for your wife or girlfriend, then Marcasite earrings & pendants would make a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want something more personal, then go ahead with Marcasite rings. Just make sure that whatever you choose goes with your outfit and complements the overall look.

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