Welcome to the second part of ‘The best way to return to the workplace with a smile
on your face’ series. In this series of articles, we explore the best tips and techniques to help
you get back to work from your vacation without problem.

Incorporate holiday habits into your daily routine

A simple and very easy example of applying in your life (but, even if you don’t
believe it, it can give you a good dose of relaxation every morning) can be the simple gesture
of getting up without haste to have breakfast with some more time while reading the
newspaper. This gesture, very associated with free time, does not require much effort and will
make you start every day with some more peace of mind (besides you will be fully updated!).
Other ideas: look for plans or a hobby with which to fill your free time, go out for
dinner one day during the week, stay with your coworkers to have a drink after an intense
meeting or reserve a weekend to resume plans that don’t I have given you time to make
during the holidays (like that play or that movie that you still have to watch).
Remember that the year has 365 days. So it is of the utmost importance that you be
clear that returning to the routine does not imply abandoning all gratifying activities. Or have
you not yet read our post about the best plans for this fall?

Resume relations with family and friends

Although it seems that no vacations, in many cases, force us to be separated from our
family and/or real friends for a long time. Either because we have been out of our city,
because we have taken the opportunity to travel to another country or because we have not
been able to coincide with the plans, the return to normal life is the perfect excuse to resume
those quiet and more leisurely stays with those of always. Because the important thing is not
to forget those who never fail you and are there in your day to day and inevitably, no matter
how much fun you had on that magnificent cruise, you missed them so much!

Choose a goal that will enlightens you

Keep your eyes on a goal that is important and really motivates you. Because, if
you’re excited, the path to reach it will make you enjoy until you get it.
It can be anything that is really important to you: quit smoking, embark on a business or self-
employment project, finally sign up for those funky classes (yes, it makes you excited, for
many years that you “have for these things"), have children, get married, renovate your
house. Whatever you can think of!
The key to everything? Put emotion to everything you do. And yes, also, why not, to
your work and your routine life. Do not worry with all these tasks ahead next summer will
come before you can tell and you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation again.

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